Fibra Italia

Our story

Fibra Italia is a young innovated reality, with the objective of satisfying customer requirements by making available the professionalism of its staff members. Composed by a highly qualified team, the enterprise is specialized in producing components and stamps in composite materials. Thanks to the great experience that characterizes us, as well as our technological equipments, make us able to deal with the most specific materials, from carbon fibers, to kevlar, to fiber glass, up to all the other categories of Honeycomb and specific resins. Currently Fibra Italia operates on aeronautic, automotive, motorcycling and generally sport sector. We are constantly on the research of new ideas to improve and expand our potential, we also believe in the importance of an accurate study in every productive phase. In the actual historical and economical period, we are assisting the increase of foreign manufacture, particularly the Asian and the east – European area, mostly for the detriment of the final product.

produzione di stampi in fibra di vetro
staff altamente qualificato

Fibra Italia accepted the challenge, using such contingency as inprovement to give the best performance: this is why we guarantee 100% made in Italy products. We made a detailed study of every production step: from the design of the stamps to the finishing touch of the final component, without missing any in-between step.

Due to the staff professionalism and capability choice, we are able to provide results and experience to our clients, such as:
-high quality products (Aeronautic quality certification UNI EN ISO 9100)
-dynamic and flexible approach;
-continuous innovation;
-prototyping and serial production.

Our values are pretty solid and we want to offer the essence to our clients. We believe offering the professionalism and transparency to the customer can only bring great results.
Keeping always an eye to the market needs, our objective is to guarantee the needs of whom is contacting this company; from our employees to our client all over the world.