componenti per il settore areonautico

Identified as Fibra Italia core-business, the aeronautic sector allow us to show our excellent quality standards applied to the product as well as to the productive process.
We pay particular attention to the traceability of all internal steps, which are realized according to the quality criteria, required by customers as well as established by certified normative, always keeping a watchful eye to the traceability of the final product.

Currently Fibra Italia operates with its own structured quality system, which is guaranteed by the Aeronautic quality certification UNI EN ISO 9100, obtained on December 2017.
Counting on a solid partnership with CFM Air Company, specialized in designing and prototyping of aircrafts and aeronautic components, we have collaborations with some of the most important brand of this sector such as Piaggio Aerospace and Leonardo.

In particular, we have experience in producing ultralight and aircrafts components, for transporting and UAV, such as cover, external skin and fairing, as well as structural components such as spars, centering and bulkheads.
We are also specialized in producing internal equipment for aircrafts and helicopters, such as seats, cabinet, table ecc..