Production process


From idea to realization


Our company runs the productive process, carefully attending every step, from having the idea to the digital development, till the most important moment: where the first idea becomes a perfect final product. The whole system is guaranteed by Aeronautical quality certification UNI EN ISO 9100.
Our instrumentation makes possible all these passages: by developing 3D matemathics, and than milling resin models, it make possible to produce carbon or glass fibers stamps.

Regarding the parts creation, we are able to work with different techniques, availing the long experience of our collaborators. Pre-preg and Wet lay-up are the main technologies used. Let’s take a closer look:

The buttonhole of the company, this technology implements composite material skins already resin impregnated by the producer, the so-called pre-preg material.
This resin is in a semi solid state which decelerates the catalyzing process in the room temperature, in a way to facilitate the layers application.

The Pre-preg technology is developed in the following steps:
All the described steps are punctuated by severe quality controls, which are made according to the UNI EN ISO 9100. This allows the production chain to minimize the waste and guarantee a secure product compliant to all the quality standards required.
Wet lay up:

Besides the most used technology, the Pre-preg, Fibra Italia is able to also work composite materials with Wet lay-up process, using this technology to produce some particular stamps during the prototyping phase. In this case, composite material fibers are dry and are impregnated manually with some specific resin (epoxy, polyester, vinylester), during the laying on the mold, using specific spatulas in order to penetrate the resin in the tissue. In the last layer of the tissue is frequently deposit a paper of Peel Ply, or else a detached properties tissue that absorbs the excessive resin and guarantees a better finish of the surface. Next to the laminate manufacture, is applied some vacuum bag pressure in order to improve the consolidation and then is released to catalyze in the room temperature. This process excludes the use of the autoclave cure; anyway it allows having still a good level of structure on the manufacture, reducing the production costs.